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 Aysan Khavarmiane Kala Company

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The Aysan khavarmiane kala Company was established in 2009 with the aim of importing and exporting food products and all products are selected and imported based on quality. This company is a subsidiary of Bouzarjomehr Company, which has more than 30 years of activity in the field of business and industry in Iran. we are having companies in Iran, Germany, UAE, and Turkey. Aysankhavarmiane kala works in different parts of the world, mainly in Africa, The Middle East and Asia. In some countries we have a regional office and in other countries we work through our Alliance partners. Aysankhavarmiane Kala is mainly dealing with Food. We are one of the main supplier of food product in Iran. we are dealing food product with different parts of the world e.g  Russia, Colombia , China, Vietnam, Brazil, Ethiopia, Turkey, etc.The Aysan khavarmiane kala Company has always been and will be a supporter of educational .institutions and related events in the field of coffee science development in the Iran.

Our product group

The product list of Aysan Khavarmiane Kala has a great diverse range & classification as following:

Coffee and related products (roasting machine, cacao and creamer)

Nazar Kahve with 15 years of experience in the manufacture of coffee, researchers combine innovative thinking and contemporary, the industry has begun to serve as a primitive manufacturer. High-quality coffee roaster and coffee makers as well as our after-sales service in every screw in every aspect of our responsibility, we act the same. Nazar Coffee shows sensitivity required by global brands with total quality in all processes. Our machines gives results far beyond the minimum requirements and are tested in a fully equipped laboratory.Aysan Khavarmiane Kala Co. is the exclusive representative of Nazar kahve in Iran. Our coffee product gains reliance from our customers for a long term cooperation.

Part of the statistics of Aysan Khavarmiane Kala :

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We always listen to comments and opinions to improve and innovate continuously for the company development.


“Quality is credit, existence and development of our company”.We continuously enhance quality to satisfy the customer need.

Human resource

We considered the staff as valuable assets with spirits of solidarity, honesty, responsibility, mutual respect and contribution to our success.


We always commit stable growth and professional style in any activities and proud of each product supplied to the customer.

We do it ourselves from the beginning to the end

Aysankhavarmiane is global supplier of fresh& frozen products with reliable quality& aim to provide easy access to authentic food solution. our foods portfolio includes chicken feet, chicken paws, chicken , vegetables (garlic, tomatoes, onion,…..) nuts( pistachio, raisins, date, peanut,…..) fruit( kiwi, apple,….), coffee, saffron. All these  are produced using the best ingredients, raw materials, and under the best practices as per international standards with rigorous quality controls. Aysankhavarmiane food carries out its production in accordance with international quality standards. We takes meticulous care to make sure high quality is achieved during each process, from the selection of the best raw materials, going through all production stages until the fresh& frozen products reach our consumer’s table. Aysankhavarmiane food has achieved success in export markets due to its principle of quality and customer satisfaction,which have allowed its extensive portfolio to reach 20 countries and keep growing in key growing in key regions as East asia to Russia and Europe.