• Green Coffee Bean

The Aysan khavarmiane kala Company imports coffee from countries India, Vietnam, Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia using the best raw materials, equipped laboratories, specialized and efficient manpower. We are focused on delivering consistent quality. We package the majority of out products at our facilities in order to control the quality. We run regular and random micro-biological test and pesticide residue analysis on our food at our quality control lab in order to ensure that the products we receive meet our food safety standards


When talking about coffee, people are usually referring to the fruit from one particular species of tree: Coffea arabica. Arabica makes up most of the coffee produced each year, and it is grown in dozens of countries between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. It isn’t the only species of coffee, however. In fact, over 120 different species have been identified to date but only one other is grown in any quantity and this is Coffea canephora, a plant we commonly refer to as Robusta.


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