Takovo Company:

Takovo Company operates within the business system of Swisslion – Takovo, continuously striving to meet the needs and wishes of customers, as well as tending to develop new and existing production programs. Manufacturing takes place on more than 30 000m2 of production capacities and is organized in several centres:

1. Production unit for alcoholic beverages in which a well-known assortment of fruit brandies and alcoholic drinks is produced. It includes lines for the receipt and processing of fruit, lines for alcoholic fermentation and distillation, as well as an automatic filling.

2. Line for mixing soups and condiments, as well as the line for their packaging, where the famous assortment of Takovo soups, spices and pasta is produced.

3. Production unit for Takovo juices and nectars accompanied with the line for fruit puree evaporation and a new Tetra Brick aseptic packaging.

4. Line for production of fruit jam and marmalade

5. Line for production of crisps

. Line for production of salty and sweet crispy flips and sweet flips and extruded products

7. Production unit for ready-made meals, meat pates and sliced meat, equipped with lines of worldwide famous manufacturing brands.