Aysan Khavarmiane Kala Co. has started its activities with the purpose of manufacturing, importation and distribution of health and food products in 2009. This company is one of the subsets of Boozarjomehr Industrial Group which owns more than 30 year career in the fields of business and Iran’s industry. Relying on various factors such as high-quality raw materials, well equipped labs, professional employees in its R&D department and utilizing world’s most updated technology side owning full-automatic machines, Aysan Khavarmiane Kala Co. has committed to produce fried pellets (based on mashed potato side corn powder) within the brand of POTA and also a filled wafer-roll called TOMPICH; while this company is the Exclusive Representative of MUSETTI coffee, PROFIMED dental floss and etc in Iran.
Aysan Khavarmiane Kala Co. has agents in Germany, Turkey and UAE.