Aysan Khavarmiane

The first Boozarjomehr Group company, was established in 1984by the CEO, Dr. Khoda Shokr Kazemi And started as the pioneer in the field of packages of concrete which were totally new to Iranians.

To be honest our company has had lots of awards such as:

  • International Star Award for Quality(Gold Category)2000 Geneva
  • International Quality Summit Award(Platinum Category)2001 New York
  • Golden Quality Star 2002 Lebanon
  • International Quality Crown Award(Platinum Category)2003 London
  • International Quality Summit Award(Platinum Category)2004 New York
  • International Star Award for Quality(Gold Category)2005 Paris

Afterwards other subsidiaries and sister companies of the Group including: Aysan Khavarmiane Kala (pharmaceutical), Omran Tejarate Taleb(commercial), Omran Saze Boozarjomehr(Steel & Concrete Structures Construction), Boozarjomehr Sanat(steel construction), Persia(building)TBozorgmehr (steel construction),Tose’e Saze Boozarjomehr( building) and other Boozarjomehr Group Companies were established and organized afterwards. This holding has many branches all around the world; such as China, India, Dubai and Turkey.
Among all these companies Aysan KHavaremiane Kala is working for people’s health and hygiene. As most of the people like to have luxurious pharmaceutical and nutruceutical in their lives, our company has decided to work on this issue and improve the facilities in this field.

Why Aysan Khavaremiane Kala

Our group is going to cooperate with the best producers all around the world which are well known and are good for health.
As a great point for our company is that we are proud of our finance so that in any cases, we can work and have a long lasting business line.
Hygiene is the most important issue these days, and people have lots of problem just as the lack of hygiene. Iranians, mostly women, have some problems for hair, nail and skin. The best way is improving hygiene instead of cure. Protection is much better than cure.

vision & mission

Our Objective:

To build a growing, sustainable and cash generative business which consistently provides returns on total capital employed significantly ahead of its cost of capital

We aim to achieve this through

  • Creating and sustaining leading positions in each of the markets in which we operate
  • Continuously benchmarking and improving the efficiency of our operating model in each of our businesses
  • Carefully extending our geographic footprint, to provide new horizons for growth
  • Attracting and empowering entrepreneurial leadership teams, capable of delivering outstanding performance, through the deployment of a devolved management structure

Our Mission:

  • To help our customers to achieve their best physical & mental health
  • To provide chain stores & retail sellers with pioneer internationally known brands;
  • To provide our international partners a skillful and super professional network of marketing masters;

Our Great Vision :

  • To be the pioneer distributor of our international brands in middle east
  • To be announced by health ministry for producing well known brands in our locality;
  • To provide all marketing and distribution requirements of our international partners;